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In 2024, the modest fashion scene in Kazakhstan continues to flourish, captivating women who embrace elegance and cultural traditions in their attire. This trend continues to grow as people's views on fashion evolve and religion. Fashion events and initiatives that we organize also contribute to its popularity, bringing people together and raising awareness. Actively developing, the modest fashion movement in Kazakhstan hosts various events that further promote its growth and recognition. Overall, modest fashion remains an important and dynamic part of Kazakhstan's fashion scene, expected to keep extremely growing in the future.



Aigul Bekkaliyeva, who resides in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is a mother of five children with a diverse range of interests. With a solid educational background in Oil and Gas Field Development from West Kazakhstan Engineering and Technical University named after Zhangir Khan, as well as in Finance from West Kazakhstan State University, Aigul has honed her professional expertise over the years. Her journey includes roles as a Process Engineer at KPO b.v., an Engineer at Ural Petrochemical Company LLP, and a Cost Control Engineer of the Drilling Department at Zhaikmunai LLP. In 2019, she furthered her skills by undertaking a course at Fashion Factory School in Moscow, focusing on launching her own clothing brand. Since 2019, she, along with her sister Aliya, has been actively developing their company in design, tailoring, and production of women's clothing under the brand ASHERI. Presently, Aigul serves as the Head of ASHERI, where she combines her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for fashion, aiming to inspire and empower women through her creations. Aigul and Aliya passionately engage in fashion events like VISA Kazakhstan, KFW, and Modest Fashion Gala Kazakhstan, alongside participating in initiatives dedicated to the cultural and spiritual advancement of women in Kazakhstan.


"Our vision embraces the essence of modest fashion, where elegance and dignity intertwine seamlessly. While once associated primarily with Muslim countries, modest fashion now transcends cultural boundaries, captivating women of diverse perspectives and lifestyles. Evolving beyond religious connotations, it has emerged as a symbol of sophistication, particularly embraced by successful businesswomen.


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